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May 22, 2019

How to Use VR to Plan the Perfect Space – Truspace


, How to Use VR to Plan the Perfect Space – Truspace

Virtual reality, as the name suggests is the creation of a virtual environment which is presented to your senses in a digital state, it looks like you are really there. what you see and experience is different from what’s actually around in real. As human beings we are a visual creature, new innovations like virtual reality have us hooked. In other words, virtual reality is the computer-generated technology which engages the user in 360 degrees of visual content that makes the user feel like they’re in a completely different world by creating a new digital experience. This experience is possible by a person using special equipment, glasses, gloves or helmet that are fitted with sensors. Usually, it is achieved by using specific devices for VR, for example, HTC vive, VR HMD (head mounted display) and Oculus Rift.

VR is an utterly immersive, collaborative experience and it has boundless potential in the interior design field. This technology has taken industries by storm.  It initially was the entertainment sector then slowly the medicine, architecture and educational field started using this innovative technology for the advancement as well.

In this high-tech Millennial era, the technology is getting cheaper and the reason it is widespread across the world, we will continue to see many innovations in this sector.

Added Control

With Virtual Reality, the designers have control over how the space will look and what are the changes that can be done without having the frustration over renovations or doing the changes a client requires. As for the client, sometimes it’s really hard to imagine the chosen design in the designated room but with VR the choice is significantly easy to make whether its a color scheme and furniture finishes or placement of furniture. VR helps clients to have a good grasp of furniture placement and direction of placement according to the space requirement and usage.
VR reduces the hassle of regretting the choice you made and to redo it later or to change it. Virtual reality gives a customer a sense of scale as with office design sometimes you don’t have an idea of scale unless it’s a finished project or piece and your new designed project doesn’t match with the office theme or the designated space is too small or too big for that piece, With VR you can experience a sense of size and choose sensibly conferring to your office space.

, How to Use VR to Plan the Perfect Space – TruspaceSignificantly improved communication

Suggestively because of VR the design results are quick and hassle-free to create. As for a common man like the client its harder to express the design furnishing or finish decision because the lack of knowledge of interior design terminology which often results in dissatisfaction in future, with VR they can experience the reality like outlook and choose astutely. VR gives you the finished project without doing anything manually.

Easier Collaboration

VR helps in calm and laid-back collaboration even with fussy clients, who comes up with new ideas about the project in every meeting. With VR simulations you can collaborate in a calm manner as you can change everything from wall paint to type of rug in a few minutes. and it can be altered according to the client’s choice.
It’s not some 3D rendering from the past that you have to imagine in your house. It’s the reality that you are looking at, It’s the final outlook of your office space. It will give the client a boost of confidence while finalizing the office design as they have seen it in a real environment.

Lack of mistakes

VR saves time, unnecessary efforts for altering and save you from regretting the decision afterwards. VR is like a state-of-the-art technology that can make your life easy. With VR you have control over mistakes as it will give you a view of the final project so that they can change or remove any aspect of the office before committing to the final decision.

Different Perspective

Conceptualization of design to a whole new level is a virtual reality as the client gets a sense of depth and dimensions in simulation as opposed to the traditional 2D and 3D graphics. The Virtual reality interface gives you a whole new perspective of things interior wise because you can see things from various vantage points. you can customize everything and they get the idea of visual perspective. You can walk around and explore the designed space like never before and that gives a VR a cutting-edge innovation title in design filed.

, How to Use VR to Plan the Perfect Space – TruspaceVirtual reality is an immerse experience it is the future of office space designing, the usual designing the space process is completely revamped because of this innovation. It is an incredible technology for customers and the designers equally. As for clients, it’s a dream come true when you can visualize the design before even spending a penny and you got thousands of choices to choose from and you can experience all that in few minutes. You can get a new perspective over objects and it is a realistic and improved graphic rather than traditional renderings from the past. As clients, you can say goodbye to the soul-crushing hectic routine to choosing and still confused about the future outlook of the project. This is the main benefit of Virtual Reality.

This technological improvement is also fruitful for designers because the clients most of the times ask for changes and it’s a frenzied and strenuous job to do the manual work just to get a rejection again, VR is a huge step forward with thousands of new arrangement options and material selection to entice your client. Both client and designer can express their opinions on the design in a faultless manner. They can collaborate on a whole new level; VR is the future of advancement in the design sector.

In past, the design field relies on drawing perspectives and rendering manually and the painstaking process of staging the whole design including mood boards and material boards not to forget the cost of it. Through new efficient technology like Virtual reality, the evolution of the designing process is surprisingly rising.  Contact us to learn more about how VR could change your business today


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