Penn West Exploration

Edmonton, Alberta

Penn West Exploration is one of the most recognized names in the Alberta Oilpatch, especially on conventional plays. Penn West Exploration has over 30 sites, all managed by their HQ in Calgary.


Penn West Exploration is headquarted in Calgary, but has presence in the communities where they concentrate their exploration efforts, including Edmonton, AB. Penn West Exploration secured a great 8000 square foot space for lease, but were short on time to build it out to a high quality that reflected their corporate standards.


Truspace managed the design and built a space that not only reflected Penn West Exploration’s corporate image and quality, but also provided comfortable working conditions to retain staff. The specifications included DIRTT’s glass office fronts, 18”x36” Shaw carpet tiles and stone surface millwork. Truspace brought the project together within eight weeks from a raw space.


Penn West Exploration now has two locations in Edmonton (Phase 1 and 2) that are high quality professional office spaces that properly reflect their reputation of safety and quality.